Friday, August 30

Cross Tattoos Design 2013

 Cross Tattoos Design 2013

Monday, December 17

Find Your Dream Tattoo

Are you confuse to decide what tattoo that fix for you? Just remember tattoo is for live time, so you must have great decision. You should also make a small research about the tattoo before you decide to make a tattoo. For example:
  • How to Choose a Tattoo Design
  • Meaning of tattoo designs & symbols
  • Beginner’s Guide to Getting a Tattoo
  • Tattoo aftercare & Infection Prevention
  • How to Choose a Tattoo Artist
 Some suggestion should know before you make a tattoo :

Select the right tattoo design that has a special meaning to you. Remember that it's a reflection of who you are. It will define you as a person, so don't just walk into the tattoo parlor and just pick a design that you will regret later.

Colors, shapes and symbols of tattoos have different meanings; take time to research to help you select the right tattoo design that best describes your personality. It would please you wearing something that is really meaningful and look good on you.

Placement of the tattoo is also one consideration that you have to think well. Some have it inked near their heart as a declaration of their love for someone. Location of tattoo is also an expression of the feelings you have or a definition of the personality you have. If you take some time to select the right tattoo design for you, the location of the tattoo is as important as the design.

There are a lot of considerations that you have to think before getting a tattoo like your health, you must be healthy enough to take the pain, allergic reactions if there's any and withstand the healing process. You also have to think about your job; some jobs don't allow a tattoo to be seen while you are working.

Tattoo is more than just an ink marked to your skin it's an impression of who you are. You have to carefully select the right tattoo design for you to project the right image you want for your self.

All of the above you can see here
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Monday, November 26

Kate Moss Tattoo

Here are some picture of Kate Moss Tattoo. The tattoo look great on her lower back.